InfluxDB Scraper

Use This InfluxDB Integration for Free

Use This InfluxDB Integration for Free

A key method of data collection is scraping metrics from instrumented applications and services, which expose metrics in a plaintext format via HTTP endpoints. The Prometheus architecture facilitates this type of discovery and scraping of targets and is a popular way to gather key metrics for cloud-native environments.

Why use the InfluxDB Scraper?

Whether push or pull, InfluxDB can collect all your metrics from your cloud-native endpoints in a central location to provide you with a comprehensive view of your entire stack.

How to use the InfluxDB Scraper

InfluxDB scrapers collect data from specified targets at regular intervals, then write the scraped data to an InfluxDB bucket. InfluxDB scrapers can collect data from any HTTP(S)-accessible endpoint that provides data in the Prometheus data format. Creation and configuration is done in the InfluxDB user interface, where you create the scraper, the location (InfluxDB bucket) to store the metrics, and the URL to scrape the metrics from.

Create scrapable Prometheus endpoints

There are a number of ways to create scrapable Prometheus endpoints.

For more information, please check out the documentation.


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