Monitoring with InfluxDB

Use InfluxDB to collect metrics and gain observability into apps, servers, and networks.
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Why use InfluxDB?

InfluxDB is the platform where all metrics, events, logs, and tracing data can be collected and monitored. Developers use InfluxDB to improve the quality and efficiency of their CI/CD pipelines.



Use infrastructure and application performance monitoring metrics to enable better anomaly detection, root-cause analysis, and alerting.

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Collecting telemetry and other network device and system data used to improve uptime, performance, and reliability.

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Adhere to compliance standards with better audit logging and monitoring of potential attacks.

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Startups to Fortune 500 enterprises are building applications with InfluxDB.

"I decided to use InfluxDB and Telegraf to monitor the infrastructure and networks required for our CiscoLive conference. Our event has 25,000 attendees spread across 2 million square feet of conference space. We needed a tool that we could install and configure easily. InfluxDB really fit our time series data need."

Jason Davis, Distinguished Engineer, Cisco

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